“Kalau soal disuruh duduk oleh si Stallman sih saya juga pernah.” – Budi Rahardjo

Eccentric. Sloppy. White hair – Aged. More or less describes the stature of people who were standing infront of the class when I entered. Gah, another boring class, it’s the first thought that comes when I see the material on the screen. An explanation about the software, technology, obviously is something that never caught my attention. But, wait. Digital beat store? Blitz Megaplex? That sounds just like my day to day activity places. And I started to listening to him. Guess what? He is pretty cool, like way very cool.

As you can see from that picture that is Mr. Budi Rahardjo, our guest lecture at Creativity and Innovation class. I think this picture quiet decribes about his personality. Charming, funny and warm. He is a successful person, a famous indonesian blogger, .id domain holder, founder of digital beat store and blitz megaplex. But the most important thing is he found himself, his passion, and making himself a successful person from those. “Create something that makes yourself more you!”

Here is the most interesting part from his lecture,

Three levels of globalization development from Budi Rahardjo:

  • Globalization 1.0 is based on where you live.
  • Globalization 2.0 is based on your working places.
  • Globalization 3.0 is yourself. It is about finding ourselves, create ourselves, and believe ourselves that we are the one that will create a better living for ourselves or maybe other people.

Mr. Budi Rahardjo had developed a lot of companies his entire life and he could count it as 4 out of 10 that survived. But he never quit, he never get tired of trying anything new. “Every time I make a company, its orientation is not profit but to have fun. So I suggest you to enjoy your life, make your work as a funplace to play. Your working place is your own playground.”

He is very inspiring. He told us about his experience since university until now. The ups and downs he’s been through.

“Do not be afraid to fail. People who ever knew how painful’s an experience of failure, will try as much as they adequate to avoid further failures. Those are the people who will be successful.”

Keep on inspiring people, Sir!


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